1390 Sanga Uozu-shi Toyama-ken

A Focus on Toyama

The displays at our aquarium focus on Toyama, from the river sources in the Northern Alps to the depths of Toyama Bay. Explore the dramatic 4,000-meter difference in elevations that can be found in Toyama's natural environment through our displays, for a great new way to experience Toyama.

Toyama Bay: A Treasure Trove of Glowing Animals

From late March through the end of May, we have firefly squid on display.
On Sundays and holidays during this period, we hold hands-on events about firefly squids' glow.

Japanese Glass Shrimp: The Jewels of Toyama Bay

Japanese glass shrimp are some of the iconic sea life of Toyama Bay, alongside of firefly squid and yellowtail.
The beautiful shine of their clear bodies has earned them the nickname "the jewels of Toyama Bay." For about a month starting in early April, we have Japanese glass shrimp on display.

Fish Shows

Enjoy shows demonstrating the ability fish have to learn, including striped beakfish pullingbanners, quizzes, black scraper going through rings, and more. In fact, this is the only place in the world where you can see a black scraper show!

An Aquarium with History

Japan's Oldest Operating Aquarium

On September 21, 2013, Uozu Aquarium celebrated its100th birthday.
We are the oldest aquarium in Japan that is still open and operating today.

The Original Uozu Aquarium (1913–1945)

In 1914, the original Uozu Aquarium was the first place in the world to discover that the pinecone fish glows.
After a powerful storm caused a blackout, the pale glow of the pinecone fish could be seen coming from its dark tank.

The Rebuilt Uozu Aquarium (1954–1980)

Built at the Uozu venue for the Toyama Industrial Expo, becoming the largest aquarium on the Sea of Japan coast. After the expo, the aquarium remained, and continued to draw many visitors as Toyama Prefecture’s only aquarium.

The Modern Uozu Aquarium (1981–Today)

When the acrylic tunnel through the Toyama Bay Giant Tank opened in 1981, it was the first of its type in Japan - and the second in the world.