1390 Sanga Uozu-shi Toyama-ken

Popular creafures and attractions

Spotted Seal

In Japan, these seals can be found living along the coasts of Hokkaido. Their name comes from the distinctive black spots all over their bodies. The aquarium holds mealtime demonstrations twice a day, where visitors can see the seals' health checkups, as well as their special performances.

Humboldt Penguin

These penguins live in the wild on the coastlines of Chile and Peru. Adult Humboldt penguins have a distinctive black stripe across their chests, but younger ones lack this stripe. The most common type of penguins found at aquariums in Japan.

Green Turtle

The longest-living animal found at the Uozu Aquarium.
Its jaw is jagged to help it eat plants like seaweed.

Uosui Famirium

A fun place for children to play and learn.
Uosui Famirium features workshops and themed exhibits, and plenty of events that everyone can participate in.

Fish Shows

Watch delightful fish do tricks like going through rings or pulling banners.

Backstage Corner

Sneak behind the scenes at the aquarium, and see the Toyama Bay Giant Tank from directly above, and chat with the divers. You can also see the Fish Shows from the other side.

Garra Spa

Try the "fish spa" experience: place your hand in a tank of about 100 red garras and watch as they nibble away at the keratin on your skin. Once you experience this unique sensation, you won't want to stop!

Touch Pool

Visitors can see and even touch sea life from Toyama Bay, like starfish and hermit crabs. A great way to find out firsthand what they feel like, and see how they move.