1390 Sanga Uozu-shi Toyama-ken

Toyama Bay Giant Tank

Toyama Bay Giant Tank

This tank features large fish that live in the surface layer of Toyama Bay, such as yellowtail and red sea bream. Toyama Bay has long been a center of fishing, with fixed shore nets catching plenty of fish to eat.


In Japan, the name of this fish depends on It's body size, and the names vary in different areas parts of the country. Locally caught Etchu yellowtail is considered a must-eat winter dish in Toyama.

Red Stingray

During the mealtime demon-strations, visitors can watch from up close as a diver feeds the stingray, and see the stingray in action as a predator.
A popular attraction at the aquarium, despite the dan-gerous venomous spine on its tail.